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  • Too late to invest? If you think you've missed out on the property boom after so much growth in 2021, then here’s some great news! Discover how smart investors are finding properties in 2022 in high growth locations where the rents pay the mortgage (yes it can be done once you know how)
  • ​How and when to buy in an area to maximise your chances of capital growth… see the 3 key indicators I look for that almost guarantee you buy at the right time… this removes any guesswork and makes sure you make the right decision first time round. (Starts on Page 32)
  • The 3 simple, yet often overlooked questions to ask to make sure your investment property gets rented quickly… see two examples from investors who ignored these questions and got stuck with properties nobody wanted to rent. (Pages 42 -44 shows you how)
  • The frank truth about positive cash flow investing … avoid the pitfalls and discover what to do to ensure you invest in properties that are cash flow positive. (Starts on page 20)

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Sure, I know some people who download this book probably won’t even finish reading it. Some won't listen to the audio either. But many will. Some will use the information and invest on their own. That’s okay. But I also know a certain percentage of my readers will reach out to me and seek my expertise. They’ll see I know what I’m talking about. They’ll see my strategies and step by step process works. So they’ll reach out for my assistance. (Although there is no obligation to do so.)

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Here Are More Property Investing Secrets Inside
‘Wake Up Wealthier’

  • The 4 reasons people fail when investing in property and how to avoid them! This gives you the confidence to invest while avoiding these dangerous and costly pitfalls. (Pages 15 and 16)
  • Why chasing capital growth can hurt you. See the 3-step framework that helps you avoid this unexpected pain and almost guarantees you only invest in cash flow positive properties. (Page 21)
  • How to find your perfect tenant that stays long term and actually cares about your property as if it was their own. You’ll see the keys things to look for so your tenants stay, pay, and take good care of your property. (Page 38 and 39)
  • How to get started in property investing. See the simple exercise that shows you your options. (Starts on page 24)
  • And so much more!
To get your copy, simply click the green button below, enter your name and email address, and you’ll get instant access to ‘Wake Up Wealthier’ (Both the PDF and Audio versions).
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I see a lot of so-called ‘Free Book Offers’ online. But they are never really free. There’s always a catch. They get us to pay for the shipping. Or they upsell us to another product. Or they have some sneaky continuity offer built in, so you’re billed again the next month. (It always pays to read the fine print of these offers.)

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